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Volunteer with at risk youth, mentoring on leadership & entrepreneurial values at Unistream Organization.

Army Service

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Served in the 'Nahal' Brigade as a Company Medic and was rewarded trophies for execellent leadership skills in my training as well as during my time as commander. I was injured during my service and declared a disabled veteran at my release, but was able to finish my service as a combat comannder to my last day of service.

High School

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Grow up in Raanana, Israel, and majored in Computer Science studies at Aviv High School. Coding and hacking was what kept me afloat throughout some of the toughest time of my life.

Guy as a kid

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Born May 13, 1991, as the third son at the wieght of 3.5kg. Played my first computer game, FIFA 95, at age 4, and fell in love. At the age of 13, I started understanding the power of information found on the internet, still advancing my gaming skills.

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