About 10 important skills (0.05 Century of learning)

Product Marketing Management

  142 reviews

Package, analyze and optimize the product funnel. Understand your users and their feedback, set up advisory boards and be part of the usability testing process. Manage communication with users across multiple channels.

Digital Marketing

  63 reviews

Developed ways to significantly improve web content, create on-page and off-page optimization, website design and technical adaptation.

Web Development

 47 reviews

Over 3 years of entrepreneurial experience in HTML5, CSS, javascript, C#. Track record of providing solutions to client’s involving design & debugging for cleansing & transforming data according to business rules.

Web Analytics

 56 reviews

Defining the right KPIs for each business, setting up amazing dashboards as well as identifying traffic sources, appreciating the quality of visit and conversion analysis...

Web project management

 45 reviews

Collaborate with developers, designers and integrators to develop great web applications that respect SEO standards and have the competitive advantage that make the difference...

And I even know how to use office softwares ;)

 56 reviews

I grew up with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Even kids know that advanced data management and great presentation are necessary to make your audience understand and then get convinced.

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