About 10 000 000 000 000 cells (0.31 century)

My Skills

Product Marketing Management, UX/UI, Prototyping, Marketing Strategy, Content marketing, Web Analytics, Growth, Communication & Ms Office...

My Experience

2014 and on - Worked at multiple mobile app agencies and startups, following the founding of my own startup. Currently working for a successful marketing agency:

Early Life

1991 to today - Since the age of 4, I've been on my computer, playing games, hacking and developing software. During my IDF service as a tropper commander I was rewarded with Exellence Reward. After being released I re-found my passion in technology product development and have been practicing it ever since.

What you can learn from books is just incredible

Click here to find some books I reccommend that have truely broadened my knowledge about the web, life and business... This part is for those interested in improving their skills in various horizons.

Music, Movies & Games or in other words: Hobbies

In here you'll find some of my favorite creations that had an impact on my thinking and my views. In my brain you'll probably find:: 5% - names, 3% - phone numbers, 2% - stuff I should know for work, 90% - song lyrics.

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