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Product Marketing Management

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Kipkom is all about enriching experiences by creating unique value. We believe in human interaction to inspire innovation idea spread. Besides our in-house created entertainment content, we help top businesses worldwide to best communicate their vision and strong suits to their clients.

Co-Founder & Head of Product

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Cheesy is the most loyal platform for pizza consumers. Location based analytics provides the consumer with the best services for his cravings. You know how when you want to order Pizza and you do it online, it always ends up costing more than you thought it would? Cheesy gathers data from Pizza places nearby and lets you compare them by price, delivery time and rating. As a result, you know which Pizza fits you best and that you're getting the best possible deal.

Product Marketing Manager

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Wolflo is a free and simple way to discover your favorite topics and keep up with your social-networks. Interact instantly with posts from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more—or maneuver through your personal networks with the click of a button.

Junior Product Manager (Intern)

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One of the premier Mobile Only development houses in Israel has unique expertise in mobile development with a strong emphasis on Android systems. Our name, Mobile Edge is to signify our dedication to being on the technology cutting edge and making sure the latest and greatest tools are used for your needs, so we can give you the Mobile Edge in your business.

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